Toyota 4Runner: A Midsize SUV Built to Tackle Every Terrain

If you're looking for a midsize SUV that conquer all terrains, consider the Toyota 4Runner. With its first-rate 4WD and optimal traction control, this popular midsize SUV can withstand anything——on road and off.

When purchasing a 4Runner, Hobbs drivers can choose between several 4WD systems. Some of the 4WD options offer part-time 4WD and active traction control, while others combine full-time 4WD with limited-slip technology. Traction is further enhanced by the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, which improves wheel articulation via automatic suspension adjustments. 

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Prepare for a New Driving Experience With the 2018 Toyota Avalon Interior

We know that buying a new car is fun and exciting! There is something special about the moment you drive away from the dealership in your brand new car for the first time! Well, with the 2018 Toyota Avalon, you will drive away in an interior that has the craftsmanship of pure refinement. After all, it is America's popular full-size sedan for a reason!

With the newly redesigned 2018 Avalon, you will immediately notice that the seats are made with authentic materials. The available Cognac leather trim adds to the authenticity, as well as the self-indulgent comfort. 


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Avoid Unsafe Driving Situations with the Toyota Prius

Have you ever experienced an unsafe situation that was caused by another driver and thought, "I hope I never do that to someone else." While you can't always control the behavior of other drivers, you can have a car that will help you avoid being the driver making unsafe driving decisions. The popular compact hybrid, the Ford Prius, has several technology features that will keep you and the other people on the road safer.

The Automatic High Beams feature senses when there is oncoming traffic and turns your high beams on and off accordingly, leaving you with the security…

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Meet the Stylish 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid

When the first hybrids were introduced, they were considered curiosities. In recent years, their style has come a long way. The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is designed to turn heads. Drivers no longer have to sacrifice style on the altar of efficiency. The lines of the Camry hybrid's body connote strength and athleticism. It looks sleek and sophisticated, like any respectable sedan.

LED headlights are a powerful and efficient way to illuminate the road as it stretches out before you. Part of a re-designed front end, these headlights fit in well with the artfully slanted grille.

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A Look at Toyota Corolla Technology Features

One of the most popular cars on U.S. roadways today, the Toyota Corolla has a number of dynamic, top of the line technology features. The Toyota Corolla tech features include a truly integrated backup camera. The backup camera provides a broad view for a driver, coupled with projected path guidelines.

The Toyota Corolla technology features include what is described as an innovative pre-collision system. This system includes pedestrian detection. The systems are designed to alert in advance of applying the brakes.

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Stay in the Right Lane with the Toyota C-HR

As a popular subcompact, the Toyota C-HR combines high performance with comfort under a cutting-edge style. Its 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder relies on advanced Valvematic technology to give you an EPA-estimated 31 highway MPG.

If you get distracted or fall asleep behind the wheel, the Toyota C-HR stays within your lane with two technologies. If your vehicle starts to drift, standard Lane Depart Alert issues an audible alert and display a warning on the screen. If you don’t correct the issue, Steering Assist applies steering torque, so you remain within the lane markings.

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The Appealing Exterior Features That Come With the 2018 Toyota 4Runner

When you are in the market for a midsize SUV, you have many options to choose from, but the 2018 Toyota 4Runner is among the best options in its class. Not only does the new model come well-equipped with interior features, but it also comes with numerous exterior features. We hope that you take the new model for a test drive, but for now, you can read about a few exterior features that are offered with the new model.

The new 4Runner is offered with projector-beam headlights that feature a smoked trim that adds to the exterior's rugged appeal…

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Safety Features in the New Toyota Avalon

The new Toyota Avalon is considered by auto enthusiasts as one of the best full-size sedans on the roads today. These safety features we will discuss are just part of the reason for all the attention.

Driving at night is a little easier when you are behind the wheel of the new Avalon thanks to the Automatic High Beams technology. If a vehicle is detected either in front of you or in oncoming traffic, the system toggles from the high beam to the low beam.

Highway riding in your Toyota Avalon is safer with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system…

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Keep Your New Toyota Healthy with ToyotaCare

ToyotaCare is a comprehensive service plan that provides routine maintenance performed by trained technicians for new Toyota vehicles at no cost to the owner. The plan also includes two years of 24-hour roadside assistance as a bonus.

Part of keeping a vehicle in good repair is stopping small problems before they become big ones. The multi-point inspection that is included in ToyotaCare can find worn or broken components when they can be more easily and less expensively dealt with.

One of the keys of vehicle maintenance, and often the most overlooked, is regular oil changes.

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The Toyota 86 is a High-Performance Coupe

The Toyota 86 is an agile, aerodynamic and stylish coupe that comes in several editions. This sporty model has a compact cockpit that's designed for two people.

A naturally aspirated 2.0 L gasoline engine powers the Toyota 86. This small powertrain has a horizontally opposed assembly of four total cylinders. Such a unique configuration yields better overall performance than a classic inline design. This dynamic coupe rolls on a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) system that includes a differential for seamless changes in gears. Speaking of shifting gears...


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