At Permian Toyota in Hobbs, NM, we cater to a variety of customers. While they may have different preferences, all of them are concerned about safety, as are we. For those of you looking for safe and reliable sedans and need something with a good amount of room, we'd recommend the Toyota Avalon.

This car comes with a comprehensive safety package called Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 +. As part of this package, there are multiple driver-assist technologies, which rely on sensors and monitors. They're able to detect issues with distancing and veering out of lanes, and if so, they can issue alerts.

The better news is that these systems can even mitigate certain situations. For example, if you're approaching a vehicle too closely, the Toyota Avalon could hit the brakes for you. If you're drifting out of position, it could help you get back into the center of your lane through a gentle steering correction.

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