A smaller SUV, the Toyota Highlander is a vehicle that features a bold design on the exterior. The shape of the SUV is a bit chiseled from the hood to the tailgate, giving it a strong look that's easily recognizable in Hobbs, NM. Sleek lines are seen on each side of the Toyota Highlander for a careful balance that's as refined as possible.

The mesh grille on the front of the vehicle is dark in color, slightly set back into the SUV so that it doesn't stand out. Many of the accents are blacked out to give a dynamic look. Side skirts on the SUV are lower, which gives a sporty look to the vehicle as well.

When you're at Permian Toyota, you can view the 20-inch wheels that are available as well as the many exterior color options, such as gray, blue, and black. The twin-tip exhaust under the rear bumper gives a unique look for an SUV.

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