The 2019 Toyota Camry has an aggressiveness to its design. We at Permian Toyota love to look at vehicles like this one and find out what it is that makes it look aggressive. For one thing, there are certain touches that can change the overall feel of the vehicle's design.

One of the features that make the vehicle look very aggressive is the black grille. The grille has been designed with aggressive lines which will give you a sense of confidence when you are in the vehicle. The finely machined appearance is also something that will impress you about the Camry.

Along with the grille and the aggressive appearance of the 2019 Toyota Camry are the stylish touches that are added to the vehicle's look. Among the stylish touches of the vehicle is the LED headlights with Daytime running headlights for the XSE. There are more features you can check out with the exterior when you test drive the Camry.

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