The Toyota Corolla has been one of the top-selling and best-performing cars on the market for many years. Now, the Toyota Corolla is available in a hybrid model. The hybrid model has a nice looking exterior and a roomy interior. The Corolla Hybrid has all of the features that you've come to love plus more.

The Toyota Corolla has always made great gas mileage, but the Corolla Hybrid is in a league of its own. The average mpg with the Corolla Hybrid is 52 mpg. You won't have to stop at the gas pump too often with this fuel-efficient vehicle.

Toyota offers an entire package of safety features with its vehicles, and these features are available on the Toyota Corolla Hybrid. One of these features is the pre-collision system. Sensors can detect if you are getting too close to another vehicle, and the system can brake to prevent and accident.

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