If you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV, a visit to Permian Toyota in Hobbs, NM is definitely in order. We have the latest models of the perennially popular Toyota Highlander, and we’d love to offer you the chance to test drive one for yourself.

The Highlander comes equipped with an array of safety features that make it a hit with drivers from all walks of life. An advanced cruise control system allows the Highlander to match the speed of other vehicles on the road for safer driving, and a lane departure warning ensures that your vehicle won’t inadvertently stray from your intended lane of travel.

A cutting-edge system provides for automatic switching between high- and low-beam headlights depending upon the vehicle’s speed and road conditions, and any upcoming street signage will be indicated right on the on-board display so that you can clearly see what’s coming up on the road ahead.

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