Toyota Prius: Showing Off its Exterior Features

Toyota Prius is the car that made hybrid vehicle's attractive to buyers, and it's still popular nearly two decades after it first hit the market. Part of its popularity now comes from its exterior features.

Permian Toyota knows it's not about looks, but when you turn on your car's lights, expect to get attention. With Bi-LED elements inside the headlights, Prius stands out. These lights also help give you a clearer path when you're driving in dim or dark conditions. You can opt to include integrated fog lights to help see better when visibility is low. Another optional feature is accent lighting.

The Prius didn't forget about the backside. The hybrid has LED taillights to give you a better rear view when driving around Hobbs, NM. Whether it's a short drive or a long trip, Toyota Prius helps you light the way to where you're going.

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