Toyota 4Runner: A Midsize SUV Built to Tackle Every Terrain

If you're looking for a midsize SUV that conquer all terrains, consider the Toyota 4Runner. With its first-rate 4WD and optimal traction control, this popular midsize SUV can withstand anything——on road and off.

When purchasing a 4Runner, Hobbs drivers can choose between several 4WD systems. Some of the 4WD options offer part-time 4WD and active traction control, while others combine full-time 4WD with limited-slip technology. Traction is further enhanced by the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, which improves wheel articulation via automatic suspension adjustments. Crawl Control is another crucial part of the suspension system; this feature tracks the vehicle's traction and then modulates the brakes and throttle when necessary.

For an ever-capable SUV, you can't go wrong with the Toyota 4Runner. Swing by Permian Toyota soon to take one of these great SUVs out for a test drive!



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