Keep Your New Toyota Healthy with ToyotaCare

ToyotaCare is a comprehensive service plan that provides routine maintenance performed by trained technicians for new Toyota vehicles at no cost to the owner. The plan also includes two years of 24-hour roadside assistance as a bonus.

Part of keeping a vehicle in good repair is stopping small problems before they become big ones. The multi-point inspection that is included in ToyotaCare can find worn or broken components when they can be more easily and less expensively dealt with.

One of the keys of vehicle maintenance, and often the most overlooked, is regular oil changes. Sticking to your ToyotaCare oil-change schedule ensures your engine's lubrication system is clean and providing the protection that is required for long and healthy engine life.

Our local Hobbs technicians regularly perform these and all other ToyotaCare services here at Permian Toyota. Visit or call us today to schedule your next service date.



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