Toyota Research Institute Highlights Autonomous Vehicle Platform Developments

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) recently released a video that documents its Guardian and Chauffeur autonomous vehicle platforms in use in four unique demonstrations of the next-generation technologies.

Detailing the progress made so far on Platform 2.1, TRI's next-generation advanced safety research vehicle, the video starts with two videos of the Chauffeur system and ends with two that showcase the Guardian system. Platform 2.1 is able to test both systems in the same vehicle, thanks to a shared sensor stack and software.

The Guardian videos showcased the system's ability to protect the vehicle and its occupants if the driver doesn't respond to a possibly hazardous situation. The system also monitors the driver's eyes for any signs of driving while distracted or drowsy, and takes control of the vehicle if needed.

The Chauffeur videos showed SAE Level 4/5 autonomous driving being tested, recording the vehicle's ability to detect nearby vehicles, sense obstacles in its path and steer around them, as well as how it was able to adapt to unanticipated circumstances while navigating a closed course.

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