Do You Have Enough Tire Tread?

Driving is unarguably a potentially dangerous activity, as people die every year as a direct result of driving. Seeing as you should always drive as safe as possible, let’s browse over the basics of testing whether your tires have enough tread to safely drive in all conditions, including the ability to stop abruptly and not skid for unnecessarily long lengths.

The American penny’s edge is 2/32nds of one inch away from the top of Lincoln’s head. The American quarter’s edge is 4/32nds of one inch away from Washington’s head. If your tread does not reach Lincoln, your tire is considered bald - quit driving immediately. Reaching Washington, however, is safe.

Instead of playing with coins and hoping to determine if 1/32nd of an inch will help you handle your vehicle more reliably, see the experts at Permian Toyota and have a new set applied at your earliest convenience.
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