Why Winter Wiper Blades Are Important

With the cold winter days on fast approach, our team at Permian Toyota is here to offer a piece of vital advice for seasonal driving. Traditional wiper blades do a great job keeping windshields clear during warm months. However, winter weather with its snow and ice can be too much for them to handle. During this time winter wiper blades are the better choice.

Winter wiper blades have sturdier frames than traditional blades. This enables them to better handle the removal of snow, slush, and ice and keep the windshield clean and clear. Winter wiper blades are also made with softer synthetic rubber that is used for traditional wiper blades. This keeps them from becoming hard and brittle in freezing weather.

The joints of winter wiper blades do not have any gaps. This prevents snow and ice from getting inside the blade and causing it to become immobile. Plus, winter wiper blades have only one moving part. This helps to give them greater flexibility and makes them more effective in winter than traditional wiper blades.

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